If you haven’t heard it yet, you would definitely want to ask this million dollar question: is sperm the cure for acne? Well, many people think it is but how and what is the method to use it as an acne treatment? Some women also use sperm to make their skin softer and clearer. This is because sperm is rich in protein, which not only cures pimples but also makes the skin look younger and healthier. As a result, the skin is cleared of wrinkles and blemishes.

 Although the treatment sounds simple and easy, some people might consider it gross to apply sperm on the face. However, if we look at the contents of sperm, we find out that it mostly contains vitamins, fructose, and protein, which are all
good for health. This is actually the ingredients of the seminal fluid; the rest of the sperm is made up of minerals such as selenium and some others. These nutrients protect and provide nutrition to the spermatozoa before they reach their destination.

It has been established that semen contains vitamin C and other antioxidants, which are definitely good for the skin. So, to answer the question is sperm the cure for acne, it could be a yes. Vitamin C acts as a detoxifier and helps to remove impurities and toxic substances from the body. The presence of vitamin C in semen is to ensure that the sperm is protected from free radicals and it increases the lifespan of a sperm cell.

All these ingredients are added to skin care products like acne control systems and topical gels to help clear away pimples. The same ingredients are also present in the sperm, so why not use it as an acne treatment instead of going for expensive remedies which sometimes even prove to be ineffective?

If semen does not make you sick and you do not consider it gross, then applying it to the skin will not hurt you in any way. However, make sure you wash your face afterwards with a mild face wash or soap so that it does not cause dryness. So, the question is sperm the cure for acne has been answered and you may want to give it a try!