The forms in which the list of prescription acne topical creams are available can be endless ranging from creams, lotions, balm, ointments and gels. Such products are supposed to be applied externally (and no way by consuming it through mouth or otherwise inhaled or swallowed which may potentially be hazardous for the health), anywhere on the surface of the skin to treat the acne condition.

There are various means by which acne can be cured. Amongst such methods, the consumers, more often than not, rely on the list of prescription acne topical creams, for best acne treatment. Such creams are rather inexpensive and easy to use and apply as compared to other modes available in the market. Such medicated creams are readily available in the market over the counter either by their brand name or by the generic name.

It is important to know about some of the common forms of acne topical creams which are relied upon by the consumers due to their effectiveness and low costs.

Firstly, Benzoyl Peroxide
(which is anti bacterial in nature), is available in gel and cream form in varying strengths and can be directly applied over the infected area, normally two times, everyday. However, it has a side effect that it dries the skin quite badly.

Secondly, Chlorhexidine Gluconate is a skin cleansing chemical which is ideal for mild acne conditions and should not be treated as a specific medicine to cure severe acne.

Thirdly, a very common substance called the triclosan can also be used for acne treatment as it also has anti bacterial elements in it. Triclosan is readily available in the form of soap and gel and may provide relief from itching (ideally by having a shower with such soap).

Fourthly, antibiotics may also be relied upon which are available without prescription. However, care should be exercised in consuming them as they may not suit those with digestion related issues or consuming other drugs.

Finally, the list of prescription acne topical creams which also includes Retinoids (pertaining to the clan of Vitamin A) may also be used for acne conditions, however, they are not very effective and require prescription.