Best Acne Treatments -
Garnier Skin Care Products
By Declan Tobin
Published on 02/2/2012
Garnier skin care policy is bases around its fundamental idea of using natural products inspired by nature

Garnier works in conjunction with the British Skin Foundation to bring about awareness of proper skin care in the sun. Their philosophy are all naturally inspired that nurture, nourish and sooth the skin.

The Garnier Appeal

Beauty is skin deep so using the best naturally based products are vital. Women the world over are similar with Grainer. Women who want to look natural as nature intended but want to improve their natural look can rely on Garnier. With Garnier it’s all about the inner beauty shining through with healthy glowing skin. All women want to look the best they can be with a little help from Mother Nature.

Garnier Laboratory Tests

Garnier products go through rigorous tests in development with 3,000 skin specialists in research. Their results are published in various scientific journals with 529 patents in the last 7 years. Garnier products are researched at 13 centres world wide.

There are also independent clinical studies which measure the effectiveness and safety of all products. When products are launched customer surveys are carried out with interviews with customers who have bough the products. This information helps to monitor the levels of satisfaction through feed back and sales.

Skin Care Products

1) Exfoliating-Brusher wash Oil Control: is a buffer for the skin it reduces sebum which is oil in the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells with its micro-brushes safely and effectively.

2) Garnier Pure Foam: tightens the pores with the ingredient Salicylic Acid and Zinc with double action results. It removes impurities dirt under the skin and allows the pores to breath.

3) Garnier Pure Blackhead Wash: this helps to unblock pores leaving the skin deep down clean. With gentle exfoliating particles it cleans buffs the skin and helps to prevent further blackhead breakouts. It reduces sebum diminishes blemishes blackheads and imperfections.

4) Garnier Pure Wash: for sensitive skin to sooth cleanse away dirt without drying up the skin. Removes impurities build up of oil. Skin is cleansed soothed and replenished.

5) Garnier Pure Toner: helps after washing and exfoliating to tighten pores reduce oil for combination skin and the T-Zone apply with cotton wool concentrating on the trebled areas like the forehead chin and nose known as the T-Zone. Follow this by 24 hours daily moisturiser.

6) Garnier Pure Oil Wash: this double action wash and oil cleanser reduces sebum with micro-bristles to exfoliate the skin

7) Garnier Moisturiser: is a daily moisturiser helps to keep the skin smooth supple replenished and shine controlled. It is perfect for skin hydration.

8) S.O.S. : Pen is formulated as an acne blasting pen to apply directly on to the effected areas of the skin. This is ideal for caring around with you for blemish free skin. It is ideal for teenagers who have iPods and such on their person as it takes up little space. Perfect for the school bag, hand bag etc.

9) Garnier Soft Essentials: Soap free gentle wash and cleanser. Gently enriched with plant extracts to remove impurities.

10) Garnier Cleansing Wipes: will clean the skin and are portable so you can be clean, fresh and contented that your skin is being cared for with alcohol free, instead of cleansing milk and cotton wool.

Famous Endorsements. : Davina Mc Caul the face of youth its self is the face of Garnier. She is a face well known in the o.k. she is a natural beauty in her middle years who represents the majority of women.

Questions: It is possible to send your email address with skin problems and ask for solutions. Garnier will give advice through their news letter or via phone or email at Garnier products are part of the L’Oreal family of products famous world wide.