The most common acne in teenage boys is acne vulgaris. It is maily caused by increase in hormone level stimulating the sebaceous glands. Such a type of acne is usually found on the face, chest, neck, back and the arms. The acne in teenage boys is usually not scarring.The treatment of acne vulgaris comes mainly in the form of pharmacies and supermarkets.

The best acne products for teenage boys comes mainly in the form of :

Natural products: Natural products like rose water, magnesia milk, tea tree oil, ginger and lemon juice.

Topical products: Topical products like topical steroids, antibiotics and retinoids or isotretinoin

Also among synthetically made products the best acne products for teenage boys are :

Exposed:  'Exposed' is good enough for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic. It is distributed by Exposed Skin Care Inc. It is a joint production of dermatologists and organic biologists.

Derma Cleanse System
: ZenMed Derma Cleanse System improves the skin in three steps as per its designing. In the first step internal toxins are removed using anti-toxin ingredients. The second step follows up with prevention against bacteria buildup thereby reducing inflammation, redness and puffiness. The third steo involves the removal of foriegn debris, bacteria and the particles from the pore and skin surface. It smoothes the skin appreciably and limits further bacteria growth.

AcneZine System by Revitol: AcneZine is developed by Revitol Corporation. It reduces the number of breakouts, flareups and also free radicals at molecular level by reducing oily skin and attacking bacteria-producing pores.

Accutane: It is a treatment that is available by prescription. It is  very strong medication and is only suitable for those who suffer from severe and persistent acne. This medication is taken internally. There are possible side effects too, including birth defects, dry and cracked lips, and liver dysfunction.